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SKYLIFE Realty - Milton Real Estate Agents|Thursday, September 19, 2019

Holding a Successful Open House 

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Conducting a Successful Open House

A successful open house should generate interest, inquiries and initiate a sale.  Learning how to utilize digital platforms for marketing,  arranging, hold an open house can help you meet prospective buyers. Open houses are designed to show potential buyers the features of a house and make them fall in love with those features. An open house is deemed successful when it sparks the interest of buyers.

Cleanliness of the house is important because home buyers will judge a house based on how clean it is. Repairs should also be finished on a home before holding an open house. Quick updates based on what buyers want and the standard for the neighborhood could also be implemented.

By maintaining an active property image, potential buyers home should be able to imagine themselves living inside that property

If a potential buyer has to go through a lot of trouble to access the property, he may decide it’s not worth the effort. While maintaining the property inside and out, one of the simplest ways to ensure easy access is by keeping the driveway clear.Once the potential buyers show interest in a house, it is important to ensure that the house is as inviting as possible. A fresh coat of paint may help to give the house a more polished look thus enhancing the value of the home.Holding an OPen House

To properly showcase the interior and make the house more inviting, one might consider bringing in some brighter light bulbs for lamps in rooms, as well as opening up curtains and blinds to let in light. One may also want to offer food and soft drinks to visitors, as this helps them relax.

The whole point of holding an open house is to let buyers see the home and let them know more about it. Distribute the brochures about the property as soon as visitors walk through the door. Mention any relevant specific features that potential buyers may want to take note of right before they go off on their own to view the property. Consequently, a guest directory book should be available for people to write their contact information for necessary follow-ups. Be sure to interact with each potential buyer after they’ve had a chance to look around. It’s a good idea to print and hand out additional information concerning the local community that may not be covered in the property’s brochure and be sure that your name and contact information on each handout you distribute. 

The nature of open house viewings is that one has multiple potential buyers checking out the property at once which means that different viewing times are necessary. Most often when potential buyers view a property, they feel restricted to walking around with the host and are less likely to wander around on their own. However, in an open house, potential buyers feel more relax and free to view the property alone, and this makes them feel more at home. Open house viewings may mean a quicker sale. With all this potential competition around, buyers are often keener to put in an offer to ensure they’re the ones who get the property. When one organizes an open house appropriately, it gets buyers interested in the property on offer.


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