Common Reasons Suggested to Cause Adult Tooth Loss

Perhaps the first image that comes to your mind when you hear “tooth loss” is a child carefully placing a shiny new tooth into his pillow, anticipating a future visit from the Tooth Fairy. Of course, tooth loss can happen to anyone at any age, but the reasons behind dental loss among adults differ from the causes for children.

If you think brushing your teeth two times a day is all that is required to maintain your dental health, the reality is that our teeth are vulnerable to various hazards that could lead to untreated injuries or an unhealthy diet.

Adult Tooth Loss Causes

A few decades ago, tooth loss was accepted as a normal part of aging. Today, however, there’s no reason to worry about sudden tooth loss. Teeth loss can occur for different reasons. To ensure that your dental health is in good shape and to avoid tooth loss, you must be aware of the matters that can cause it.

1. Poor Oral Hygiene

Periodontal disease, an inflammatory illness, is a significant cause of tooth loss and shifting. Besides the gums, this is also a problem for the ligaments and bones that hold the teeth. The lack of brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene care is usually the cause of this condition. The signs of periodontal disease are gums that appear painful or red, which bleed when brushed, have receded, and cause discomfort when biting down. 

If left untreated, your teeth’s supporting structures, such as bone, may be destroyed, resulting in missing or loose teeth. You can visit websites like for tips and recommendations on dental health maintenance.

2. Trauma

Traumatic dental injuries and accidents are the most frequent reasons for tooth loss worldwide. Accidental tooth loss can result from various events, including cycling and automobile excursions, sports-related accidents, or even simple slips, falls, and trips. Most accidents only cause minor damage, such as chips or cracks, to teeth, but more serious ones can lead to the complete loss of teeth.

Awareness of such scenarios is often essential to prevent the loss of your teeth in a traumatic way. This is why it is essential to ensure you wear a seat belt and a mouth guard when playing contact sports. To fix your smile, you can type in “affordable dental implants Louisville KY” on your search bar and check on the best results available.

3. Bad Eating Habits

If bad eating habits are left unchecked, they could cause severe tooth decay, which is the leading cause of tooth loss. Our oral health is affected by everything we consume and drink. High-sugar foods feed harmful oral bacteria, which produce acids that slowly erode tooth enamel. These cavities can reach the innermost layers of your teeth, which can cause discomfort and tooth loss.

Cavities are more likely aggravated if you often consume acidic and sugary drinks and food. A diet change incorporating less sugar and more drinking water, milk, vegetables, and whole grains can ensure that you have healthy teeth and gums and prevent cavities.

4. Other Health Issues

The health of our bodies and general and dental health are interconnected, and often, broader health conditions can significantly impact the probability of tooth loss. An excellent illustration is that people with type 2 diabetes frequently suffer from gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues.

High blood sugar levels increase the availability of starches, carbohydrates, and the acid that wears away your teeth and gums. A poor general health condition can lead to diabetes, which can cause gum issues and, eventually, tooth removal.

5. Harmful Behaviors

The habits and destructive behavior could lead to tooth loss. Smoking cigarettes and grinding your teeth are common examples. Teeth grinding, usually during sleep–is usually a problem if it’s frequent. The grinding of teeth can cause tooth loosening, wear them down, and even lead to tooth loss. Because its semi-conscious teeth grinding may go by unnoticed.

Smoking causes long-term tooth loss. Smoking, a primary cause of periodontal disease, and concealing bleeding gums are the reasons behind this. Smokers are often undiagnosed with severe periodontal disease that causes tooth loss. Smokers can fast improve their dental health and minimize tooth loss by quitting smoking.