Cool Theme Designs for Dental Clinics to Make Young Patients Feel at Ease

Dentists know better that it’s normal for some children to feel anxiety before a dental care visit. A study states that 11% among over 440 kids who have been to the dentist aged 9 to 12 years didn’t like their dental visit. On the other hand, 12% said they were scared.

Bad experiences in the dental clinic or how the personnel treats them are often the top reason children have dental stress and anxiety. While warm and friendly dental staff can make young patients cooperate better. Furthermore, the design and arrangement of a dental clinic play a vital role in motivating kids to come back for another dental appointment.

If you are a dental clinic owner, here are some unique design ideas you can consider:


Nervous children can feel at ease when you and your staff provide a pleasant and non-threatening environment, such as a themed theater. This helps, especially when patients have a stress-free trip on their way to your office. Apart from welcoming them with a smile, they can get comfortable when something catches their attention during their visit.

You can ask your designers to put 3D characters and murals where your young clients can sit down and feel like they are a part of the adventure. You can also suggest if they can make their design work well with a projector screen or TV.

Underwater Themes

Patients can get excited if they arrive at a dental clinic with an ocean wall mural. Using eye-catching photos full of friendly sea creatures, they can submerge themselves in a beautiful underwater paradise. This can motivate them to come back for another visit because they will have something to look forward to.

Educational and Fun Mural Wallpaper

It helps ease dental anxiety if you allow your young patients to understand dental procedures better. You can do this by considering putting children-friendly photos in your clinic. It could be cool characters demonstrating proper ways to have white and healthy teeth. It will not only engage and show your young clients about good oral health, but it will also provide vibrant decoration to your office.

Seek and Find Murals

Seek and find murals can be an ideal decoration for your waiting area and, at the same time, entertain your clients. While your young patients wait for their appointment, they and their parents can look for different objects hidden on the mural.

You can choose from various designs, including a farm, amusement park, outer space, etc. Then, if you have some ideas, you can tell your artists, and they can do it for you.


Billboards are not only for advertising your clinic and services but also an excellent way to attract young patients. For example, you can decorate your vehicle with your desired theme using attractive vinyl wraps and 3D characters that kids love. This works best with flat top cars, such as Ford Flex, Toyota Scion, and most pick-up trucks.

But if you have a different existing car, your artists will get a way to make it happen. Since artists are not created equal, look for versatile professionals who can work with any materials you already have. When searching online, make sure to click their “visit us here” page to check on their portfolio to know if they match your needs.