Knitting Project: What Type and Weight of Yarn Should You Use?

Yarn is a textile made from animal, plant, or synthetic fibers. Twisted together, these interlaced threads create thicker strands. The amount of plies influences the drape, stitch definition, and overall yarn feel. Varying types of yarn have different fiber qualities, which means that certain yarns are better suited for specific crafts than others.

Choosing Yarn for Knitting

It is critical to understand the type of yarn to choose for your project. Here’s all you need to know beyond scanning the label.

Weight Classification


Lace is the lightest weight yarn and is used to make doilies and other delicate lace designs. Handle it with care to avoid tangling or breaking it.

Fine, Superfine, and Light

This is perfect for little items like socks, gloves, hats, and baby and children’s clothes. Cast on and off loosely. “Sportweight” is a word that refers to fine yarn in particular.


This weight, often known as “worsted,” is popular among knitters of all abilities because it provides excellent stitch definition in sweaters, scarves, hats, and mittens. Chunky stitches knit in this weight of traditional Aran yarn may contribute to the fiber’s warmth.

Bulky and Super Bulky

This weight of material creates fast crafts when used on big needles. Thick scarves, blankets, and rugs are ideal. This yarn is excellent for beginners since it makes things quicker. It’s also perfect for experienced knitters who want to create something unique using uncommon thread.

Fiber Content


This is the yarn’s total thickness, usually measured in wraps per inch (WPI). Another factor to consider is the ply count, which ranges from the lightest to the heaviest weights (usually between 1-ply and 14-ply).


Here you may determine the total length of yarn in yards and ounces. Check the variety of different yarn bases from Twisted Yarn at Darn Yarn.

Care Instructions

This section provides information on how to wash and dry knitted clothes.

Needle Size and Gauge

The yarn gauge is determined by the number of stitches and rows used. Look for the inspiring nerd yarn for your knitting skills.

Dye Lots Number 

This is the color of the yarn. When buying in bulk, double-check the figures. Even though two balls of yarn seem to be the same color, the completed knitted object may have a slight color difference. The best Les Laines Biscotte yarns have a beautiful color palette.


Finally, choose the yarn that is most suited to your project. Often, the instructions will specify the yarn weight and needle size that should be used. Take a minute to consider the following while crocheting something unique: Do you want this item to be machine washable? Is it meant to keep you cool in hot weather or warm in cold winter? What is the size and form of the item? It’s up to you to create the perfect knitted item.