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SKYLIFE Realty - Milton Real Estate Agents|Thursday, September 19, 2019

Milton: Infrastructure and Development 


Milton is continuing to grow and expand at a rapid pace. As numerous new developers have entered Milton for home development over the past few years, the demand for further infrastructure has also risen and is being met by the city of Milton.

The province of Ontario is investing up to $501 million to expand the Milton District Hospital. The province plans for the investment money to make sure the Milton hospital is more modern.  This $501 million will be used to aid in the construction of a four-story patient care building at the Milton hospital to give patients faster access to the health care they require. The extension of the Milton hospital will also provide many more jobs within the city of Milton.

The city of Milton also has plans to improve many of the roads across the city as well as widening many of the current lanes, and making 2 lane and 4 lane expansions. This road expansion will aid in making commuting around the city much easier and less time consuming for its residents.

Milton also has many new schools that have been recently built and some that are under construction. Boyne Pubic School opened for students from kindergarten to grade 7 as of September 2015.  An additional elementary school was also recently built on Farmstead Drive. There are another two schools now located on Savoline Boulevard and McLaughlan Avenue. With Milton expanding greatly the demand for new schools amongst the city was recognized.

As Milton continues to expand, and its population continues to grow it is expected that the cities infrastructure will also continue to improve. The city has shown to be great at answering the demands of its residents and it is expected that this will continue.


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