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SKYLIFE Realty - Milton Real Estate Agents|Thursday, September 19, 2019

Landscaping Your Home 

Landscaping Your Home for Better Value?

Landscaping helps to change the general appearance of properties before they are put up for sale. A buyer needs to invest money or time in landscaping to reap the numerous benefits associated with it. Landscaping beautifies and increases the value of a home and makes the property very attractive to potential buyers. A property that is landscaped before listing will spend a shorter time on the real estate market. Aside from the economic benefits to sellers, buyers are attracted to properties landscaped because of the health, environmental and social benefits of landscaping.

Selling a property goes beyond what the property has to offer on the inside. The appearance of your home or property from the exterior determines how well it will do on the market. Some buyers will not even consider looking inside the property if the house does not have good curb appeal. Sellers should thus endeavour to make the outward appearance of their properties presentable and attractive before they put up them up for sale.

Modifications that can improve the curb appeal of properties do not have to be very elaborate to add value to the houses. The first step to achieving an excellent curb appeal is to identify the best and worst features of property’s exterior.  Once the worst features are identified, the property owner should adopt simple or professional ways to improve the appeal. One of such methods is highlighting architectural focal points of the building such as standout windows and porches. The property should be landscaped if there was none or remodelled to make it attractive. Doors, roofs and other parts of the property which are not in condition should be fixed before the listing of the property. Also, walls, where paints are falling off, should be painted with a unified colour for the entire property. Cladding of exterior walls, addition of porches of porches and extensions, and conversion of an integrated garage are other modifications that will make a property beautiful and attractive.

Landscaping before selling does not only improve the appearance but increases the functionality of the land. Landscaping creates a space for relaxation and fun outside the building, and this increases the value of the building. It also creates a better atmosphere around the property which is both conducive and healthy for residents. Landscaping portrays the condition of the interior of the house to buyers. A well-kept exterior signifies the owners take care of their home and would influence how much the buyers are willing to pay for the property.

The value addition of landscaping and other outward modifications to properties which are about to be put up for sale can be beyond the seller’s imagination. Therefore, it is great to spend quality time and money to create a good exterior for a property to be sold. Landscaping can be expensive, and it is worth every penny, but buyers do not have to break the bank to make their properties look good. The most important thing is for sellers to make efforts to buyers to increase the value and curb appeal of the property.


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