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SKYLIFE Realty - Milton Real Estate Agents|Thursday, September 19, 2019

Milton: Picking a Home for Sale 


Milton is known for several home options which include townhouses, condos and detached houses. As at April 2018, the median price of townhouses in Milton is $660K. The median price of houses and condos in Milton are $949K and $464K respectively. Milton is unarguably the fastest growing city in Canada, and its real estate market is a major contributor to that growth. Milton is known for reasonably priced accommodation options. Despite the amount of growth which this city has attained in recent times, the prices of its houses are still well priced in comparison to other Canadian cities. Currently, Milton is the 17th most expensive city in the Greater Toronto Area with most lower prices than a lot of the neighboring cities.

The city of Milton is also known for excellent transportation routes, and this is part of its residential appeal. Highways 401 and 407 connect Milton to several destinations by road. These highways lead to destinations such as Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. GO Transit commuter train line also connects to Milton and provides ease of transportation for residents of Milton. Passenger train stations can also be easily accessed from Milton. International air travel is also very accessible for residents of Milton with Toronto Pearson International Airport located a short distance from Milton.
Milton has an active economy. Major contributors to the economy of Milton include the following industries: automotive, distribution, tourism, advanced manufacturing and food production. Because of the availability of hiking and climbing trails in Milton that lead to Bruce Trail and Niagara Encampment, the tourism sector of Milton is quite active. The Mattamy National Cycling Centre also attracts tourists to Milton.

The style of homes in Milton includes farmhouse style and grand style. These styles are incorporated into condos, detached houses and townhouses. The nearby cities of Milton include Oakville, Brampton and Burlington. These nearby cities can also be easily accessed by public transportation.
There are 20 neighborhoods in Milton. Homes for sale in Milton include those from neighborhoods which include Milton Heights, Brookville and Esquesing. Other neighborhoods in Milton are Dorset Park, Ford, Bronte Meadows and Willmoth. Of the twenty neighborhoods, about 10 of them are located to the north of Highway 401, while the other 10 are located to the south of the highway. The neighborhoods exude unique appeals and houses within them come at different prices. Some of the best neighborhoods in Milton are Milton Heights, Ford and Dorset Park.
High-value properties are found in neighborhoods in Milton such as Brookville, Trafalgar and Esquesing. The average price of homes for sale in these neighborhoods ranges from $1.3 million to $1.5 million.
To get the best out of the real estate market of Milton, discuss your needs and target neighborhood with our real estate agents. Our SKYLIFE Milton team will tailor their services towards your desired home. Milton offers several well-priced homes, and we can help you find a home that suits you in the area. Milton offers serenity, several recreational amenities and multiple affordable home options.

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