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Using a Real Estate Team instead of a Single Agent

Homeowners considering selling their properties want them to be valued and eventually sold at the right price. Real estate agents are the qualified personnel for real estate transactions of different types. In the past, realtors worked individually in real estate companies to help customers make purchases or sell off their properties. Recently, the trend is changing, and real estate agents now work in a group to provide customers with quality services. A real estate team is a group of experts with different skills who work together to give clients the best service in real estate markets.ARBOUR-PEAKS

Real estate teams are better options for transactions in real estate market because the team consists of a group of experts who will work in harmony to give customers satisfaction within the speculated time. The team would have more people to carry out field research and paperwork for many clients without disappointing or prioritizing some clients over others. Members of the group have several ideas to achieve a client’s demand and can work from different angles of a project at the same time. 

Besides the fact that there is a limit to the amount of multitasking a single agent can handle, real estate team has several other advantages over one agent. A team would have a lead agent, a salesperson, a licensed agent, an office manager, a photographer and other agents who have specific roles. The combined experience of all the individuals in a team will be far higher than that of a single agent trying to act in multiple tasks at the same time. The agent may not necessarily have experience in all areas of real estate sales and marketing, and this would limit what they can offer to their clients. 

The real estate group oversees every deal as far as their client is concerned. The administrative or office staff gathers information from the customer on first interaction to ensure a smooth transaction. The licensed agent interacts with the customer to get detailed information about their real estate preference. Other junior agents are available to show the customer active listings for customers who are buying or selling properties. The lead agent supervises all transactions to make sure things are going as they should in the team.

When customers consult real estate teams after pricing their properties, the group helps the customer decide the right market price for the property. The team does this together and uses the expert opinion of all members to arrive at a suitable price which will attract many buyers.

The team also provides expert opinions on how customers who are looking to reinvest in real estate can do that smoothly without putting money in a lousy investment. Each member would advise the customer on the right investment based on the present and past market trend in his area of specialization. The customer will then be able to make an informed decision based on the information from the team. In the case of a single agent, the advice from the agent may be biased and based on the agent’s area of strength. Our team at SKYLIFE Real Estate Group seeks to provide our clients with top-notch real estate advice.


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